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Understanding slot games variations available today

online slot games

Online slot games are arguably the most played online casino games; perhaps they enjoy having the largest share in casinos’ income and that is why they are called the money raining games for every online casino. We have almost hundreds of slot variants today, bigger than any other games and each of these variants are different in one aspect or other, yet the ultimate objective remains the same in every variant, though the wagering conditions, bonuses, prizes are different. Actually, slot games have been the part of casinos’ gaming portfolios since hundreds of years, but they could only get their deserving place after the arrival of online casinos, online casino industry took this game to its next level by redefining its gameplay, bonuses, and adding more exciting features to it. Now, we have three broad categories of slots games and each of these categories further extends to include more varieties of slot games.

First and most ancient slot genre is reel slot or also known as classic slot games. These slot games usually have simple gameplay with few options. Moreover, these games are also most affordable to everyone coz of their lowest pay through requirements. These games have three rolling reels and just one payline to bet upon without any bonus and wild symbols. Prize wise, these games offer better winning odds though the size of prizes is just descent.

Second popular slots genre is video slots or also called contemporary slots. These slots enjoy having multiple reels and upto 30 paylines to bet upon. Again, there are more interesting features in them, like wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus round, and freerolls among others. With the emergence of internet technologies, these slots became immensely popular coz of their vast number of variants and real life like characters’ resemblance. Today, we have tons of video slots; perhaps maximum number of variants than any other game. Due to its extensive feature rich gameplay, these games offer lesser advantage in players’ favor than classic slots games, yet they are extremely popular among new-age casino goers.

Last and highest money making slot’s genre is progressive slot; these are the slot variants which are responsible for enormously popular market of slot games in online casino industry. Though, all the features are same as video slots except progressive slot contains a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is the maximum amount a player can take home if he hits a jackpot; in fact, there are countless players who have made their fortunes via progressive hits.

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